Maker Projects Using Makey Makey and Scratch Programming

Every year with my grade 7’s I teach Scratch programming. The students do many lessons leaning to program, then make their own game.  They always turn out great. Last year the school system bought a batch of Makey Makeys. (Yes it is called Makey Makey.) The Makey Makey takes over control of keyboard functions. I thought the Makey Makey and the Scratch programing would be perfect to integrate into a maker project. The maker project guidelines in this assignment was to write a program that interacts with something in the real world through the Makey Makey.   One group wrote a program and built a target for a Nerf gun taget/score keeper. Another group created a painting with conductive paint that they could use for a controller for the game they programmed. One group learned how to make pliable rubber from silicon so they could make buttons for their project. The project was to write a program, create buttons to put into a teddy bear. When you squeezed the ear the program would say “This is my ear. I use it to hear.” It had of course other buttons. (nose, hand etc.)

Needless to say I was very impressed with all the projects.